About January Journeys


Two or three years ago I turned 50. That’s a big milestone in itself but what I hadn’t been prepared for was trying to celebrate in January. My birthday falls in that dreary part of January when it is cold and wet, the sales are on their last reductions, and people seem to be still recovering from Christmas. What I hadn’t reckoned on was the reluctance of people to want to celebrate in January for a number of reasons (cold, flu, no time off work etc). Whilst I made the best of the day and had a good time, what that did for me was to completely change the way I celebrate my birthday. In that year I decided to do 50 nice things. And so I had lots of interesting things to get to experience which was awesome. And each year since I plan to do the number of things according to my age. Some are big like a journey somewhere whilst others are small. I thought it would be fun to share them and give other people an idea or 52 for a special occasion. And so January Journeys commences.

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