Travelling on Eurostar


Until this year I had always flown to France and never really considered the train. But the opportunity to do something new was so tempting that I just had to travel on the famous train that goes under the English Channel. The big surprise was just how easy it all was to do.

From booking online and reserving my seat to Lille to printing the tickets, everything was really efficient. Arriving early I found breakfast in one of the cafes and had a quick look at the shops before boarding. Even the check in at St Pancras Station in London was easy to do. Once past security it was just a matter of heading down to the platforms, finding my train and seat- and relaxing for the journey. There was plenty of room for a suitcase and the reservation system meant everyone had a comfortable seat, unlike some English services. In just under two hours I was in Lille and walking down the street to my hotel. Is there anything I’d change? Perhaps the price of drinks once check in is passed, but other than that it really exceeded all expectations.

It was such a simple thing to do that I’m already planning a Eurostar journey for next years plans and experiences. I thought a day trip would be fun or a weekend break. Then again, Eurostar goes to the South of France so there are so many possibilities.

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