How to Get More Exercise into the Working Day


It’s something many people struggle with and becoming more important as a sedentary lifestyle is recognised as a health risk. This was also something to work on this year as part of my January Journeys list of things to do. I,like many people, drive to work, sit at a desk, and before you know it there’s a sedentary lifestyle. So, having experimented with a few things, here’s how I manage to get more exercise into my working week.

Walking at Work

I live more than 20 miles from my workplace so cycling there was not really an option. However, by making time for a walk I can fit in several miles on foot each week. A walk around the block at lunchtime is an easy way to get some fresh air and stay fit. I also walk to meetings where possible. There’s a good 2 mile walk across a nearby city from the train station which is ideal, and a 3 mile walk to another department. The other day I did a walking meeting with a colleague and we achieved a lot of planning alongside getting fit.

Make time at the Weekend

Weekends are perfect for getting active but its all too easy to get tied up with things round the house. Before you know it Monday morning has arrived again. So make time to spend an hour in the local swimming pool or go for a cycle. You could walk for an hour or two somewhere nice. Or what about digging the garden?

Fit in Something Interesting

During the week find time to do something active that is interesting. Get up an hour earlier or do something on the way home from work. I took up bellringing at the church which is a great arm work out. Half an hour of pilates or yoga is a great way to start the day too. On your commute check out what you pass that could make a great detour for some exercise.

I thought fitting in exercise to my working week was going to be hard. But with some effort and imagination it now feels like part of the normal day. And I feel healthier too.

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