Walking in South Devon

Salcombe Harbour, Devon

I promised myself a walking weekend in South Devon. After publishing my book earlier this year I planned to go back and walk along more of the magnificent clifftops and South West Coastal Footpath.

One of my favourites was the hike from Salcombe across the South West Coastal Footpath where the scenery was magnificent. Most people were heading in the opposite direction towards the beach at South Sands but I wanted to walk. I continued onwards past the museum at Overbecks, and onto the coastal path itself.

South West Coastal Footpath, between Salcombe and Sharp Tor, Devon

Clambering over stone steps and walking along paths close to the shoreline the water below was a beautiful blue in the morning sunlight. This part of the coastline was really spectacular and I walked onwards towards Hope Cove before turning inland. Today was a calm day but the trees bent double in this area told a different story. I looped round and back towards Salcombe, taking in those wonderful views of the harbour. This was the best place to be – on the coast path and not in the town with all the sailing types and hoardes of tourists.


One step on the South West Coastal Footpath and you’re addicted. My aim is to walk all of it in stages.All 630 miles.

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  1. Roselinde says:

    Beautiful views!


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