The Metal Soldier

The Haunting- by Martin Galbavy 2017

This year I plan to take a photo each day and I’ll share the best. These pictures have an interesting story which I couldn’t resist for the blog. I noticed a huge statue rising from the mist in the half light one morning as I passed a local forge on the way to work. So, I stopped off to take a closer look in daylight.

The Haunting has been commissioned by a local writer and is made entirely from scrap metal. Look closely and you’ll see pliers, chains, and spanners. The legs are sheet metal but the rest is scrap. It is meant to depict a ghost and was sculpted by blacksmith and artist Martin Galbavy in Dorset taking 3 months to complete. The statue will be installed somewhere later in 2017 and is intended to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War One in 1918.

Foot of the Soldier. The Haunting by Martin Galbavy 2017

The detail is incredible, from wires making up a moustache to a fashioned gunner type cap badge and more. The statue depicts men returning from war and the haggard, tired look on the soldier’s face speaks volumes. The more you look, the more you see.

But who commissioned it, and where will it go? That’s a closely guarded secret right now and probably part of the mystery. Wherever it ends up I’ll go and see it in its permanent place.

The Haunting- Martin Galbavy 2017

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