5 Things to Do on a Weekend in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the ideal place to go for a weekend away. It is busy and renowned for tourists so planning ahead is essential, especially to escape the crowds. After revisiting the city ,here are my top 5 things to do in Amsterdam.


  1. Get Up Early and Walk

One of the best ways of seeing Amsterdam is by walking, especially around the canals and historic centre. During the day it gets crowded but get up early and walk the streets and there are countless photo opportunities, as well as an opportunity to enjoy a peaceful hour wandering across bridges and narrow paths. As a bonus- it is free, and you can stop off at one of many bakeries for breakfast.


2. Appreciate Art

Amsterdam is renowned for its art museums. From Rembrandt to Van Gogh the city oozes artistic talent. There are some great galleries too, and street art all over the city. If you plan to visit the major museums then booking ahead online is a must so you get to see the exhibits you want to spend time looking at.

Amsterdam_plastic _boat_rr

3. Take a Canal Tour with a Difference

The huge canal boats are a feature of Amsterdam and many tourists opt for a cruise of the waterways. At peak times it can get overcrowded so think through your canal experience and do something different. Plastic Whale, for example, operates environmental tours of the canals where fishing is of the plastic variety. Alternatively, check out the Boat tours where you steer yourself.


4. Taste Great Food and Beer

There are lots of amazing places to stop and sip a beer or enjoy a meal in Amsterdam. Get away from the touristy hotspots and you’ll find some fabulous ethnic and local dishes. Or, pack up a picnic and enjoy the open spaces in the parks surrounding the city. Increasingly, several eateries are no cash venues now so don’t forget your bank card.


5. Find a Specialist Museum

Aside from all the main attractions, you’ll find Amsterdam has some interesting and specialist museums. Some of these have some compelling displays and are definitely worth a visit. From the Museum of the Dutch Resistance to a Tulip Museum there’s something for everyone in Amsterdam and you’ll learn another perspective to the city.

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