The London Mithraeum

There are secrets beneath the streets of London. The Mithraeum is one of London’s newer attractions and is free.

Liberation Day in Amsterdam

Liberation Day is a special commemoration in Holland. The historic walk can be done at any time through the year

Touring the Tower in Salisbury Cathedral

Climbing Englands tallest cathedral spire is a great way to see the city from a new perspective. But the higher you go the more there is to discover about the building’s past.

Walking the Causeway at St Michael’s Mount

Snaking across the sands at Marazion the causeway to St Michael’s Mount only reveals itself at low tide. As a child I was captivated by the castle in the sea in Mounts Bay. Overlooking the town of Marazion and dominating Mount’s Bay St Michael’s Mount looks like a fairytale castle in the sea. I used…

Discovering the Charterhouse

Smithfield is an area of London that is full of history. There’s the fabulous church at St Bartholomew the Great, the plaque dedicated to the execution of William Wallace, pubs tucked away in back streets, and now The Charterhouse has opened its doors to the public. I love walking round this area, partly because I…