The Metal Soldier

Made from scrap metal, The Haunting is a tribute to soldiers killed in World War One.

Malta at War Museum

A museum giving an insight into the resilience and courage of the Maltese people.

Malta- In the Footsteps of Relatives

I can remember my grandfather talking with fondness about Malta. He had visited several times thanks to his Naval background but I thought of him as I visited some of Malta’s museums relating to World War Two. In some ways I wish I had listened more when he talked about his travels and I regret…

A Day in Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis is full of history, literary connections, fossils… and has a fabulous working watermill.

The Underground Tunnels in Arras

“They call the people of Arras rats,” said my guide as we walked the limestone boves under the city, “It’s because we have these tunnels underground.” I had come to Arras to learn more about the World War One site and the battle but was enthralled to discover the medieval caves in the old town….

Remembering the Somme

  In this centenary year of the Battle of the Somme I really wanted to visit a First World War site. For me World War One has a special poignancy. I’m interested in the history but also the impact on society. When I got a ticket for the centenary service in France I was thrilled….